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  Some of the Bikes in Earl's Collection
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Be sure to check back often as we will be adding more information on
the special bikes in Earl's collection as we approach the auction date.

   Honda 500 Short tracker

Suzuki Water Buffalo with Expansion Chambers early Superbike  

  Honda GB500 with big fin head

Yamaha SRX  

    1969 Norton Commando Fastback

BSA 650 Cafe’ with big Grimeca Brake    

  71 Commando

complete, outside, needs cosmetics

74 HD

FLH Dresser, showing 6,400 miles, org seat with it


1970 CB750 KO


One of the most collectable in great shape

This is the best Honda CB750 KO we have found so far
This is the worst CB750 KO and we have many more of the collectable, Single cam CB's

We have many bikes tucked away inside in great shape  

  Earl liked these Honda CB1100F Super Sports, we have a bunch, very good motorcycles

Honda CB750 with a Turbo  

  The paint even looks good on this Goldwing

This Mister 50 turns over and has compression  


many of the bikes outside survived well

BSA A65S & Triumph Scrambler

We have barns full of good survivors, the BSA is a 1968 Spitfire MKIV, one of the best twins BSA made, fancy hot rod. The Triumph is a 1967 TR6C a very good model for them, both need love.

  BSA Goldstar parts: this is a rare 1955 CB34 engine

we have more

BSA Hornet with Joe Hunt magneto.

Desirable Triumph street Scrambler.

  Honda CB400F

Very collectable and fun to ride Honda 400 Supersport. They say Honda actually lost money on these because they cost them almost as much as a big four to build and they priced them to compete w/ 400’s


We have a lot of these because Earl loved them. They were fast and look cool.

  Commando S

Very special collectable model. We think that we have the correct pipes to go with the bike.

   Many Project Bikes available.  

  First year XR75?

Looks like you could ride it with a service  

  Extra nice CB1100F

many of these bikes put outside survived very well


We have many Goldwings in all conditions. This is solid, original paint machine just needs some love.


We believe that we have the carb set to go with the bike.

Honda 350-4

this Honda CB350 needs love and some mufflers. These bikes are sweet, smooth, like sewing machines. We may find the mufflers.

  Honda CB750

This nice complete early Superbike looks like you could ride it home. We have a bunch of these early single cam 4’s in all conditions.

Kawasaki Z1R

This very collectable Kawasaki needs attention, but we will add the extra parts as we find them.

  Kawasaki GPZ550

The 1981 GPZ550 was a super nice, well performing machine. I raced a new one in the day and did very well with it.

1971 Kawasaki S1, 350 triple.
You had to be careful of these because they would wheelie out of a turn while still bent over. Kawasaki made them 400’s and calmed them down. The 350 triples are rare. I sold and serviced them new.

  Kawasaki H1

These are very collectable early Superbikes; we have them is all conditions from this nice one to projects.

Kawasaki Z1

From the days when the Superbikes got really fast. Fun to ride!
We have many Kawasaki Z1’s, some this nice right down to bare frames with lots of parts.

  We have found 2 1973 Z1’s so far

Some of the Z1 frames, We have more Z1 projects as well  

  We have many, many ATC’s and Quads

Norton, Kawasaki Z1

Suzuki RE5- many of the bikes inside are quite good. RE5 Rotary –right

  Norton Fastback
BSA café
Honda short tracker

The Norton fastback could use proper paint, but very collectable and all there. BSA Cafe’ has big Grimeca brake

Row of Honda dreams

If you look against the wall you will see a row of CA77 and CA72 Dreams, we have MANY Dreams, Superhawks and Scramblers to fit anyone’s pocket book.

  Shop yard

You can see that we have acres of bikes and parts. We will spend the winter lining them up and putting parts with with bikes.

Short track and GBR

Here is a Honda Dirt Tracker right off the track. The GBR has a big fin head and a few other options and mods.

  Ever see a unit construction Triumph Bonneville with a magneto? This is also a big bore machine set up for a big Webber or DeLorto carb that will be included.

This 1968 BSA Spitfire is thought to be BSA’s best twin. We will be adding the parts.  

  This is also a 68 BSA Spitfire with matching number cases. We will be adding more of the parts as we find them.

Check out the alloy tank racer, the bodywork is behind. The other is a kid’s toy.  


This CB77 looks like you could ride it home.

Suzuki 500 Titan

A very collectable Suzuki 500 that looks very complete

  Trailer full of NOS parts

This trailer came from a bike shop that Earl bought out. There are rows and rows of parts, neatly boxed.

Triumph Hurricane
designed by Craig Vetter

This Triumph Hurricane has only 510 miles on it, and it is in great condition. No reserve like everything else.

  Triumph Speed Twin

We pulled this dusty barn find outside to show how many good collectable bikes are here. This bike was ridden into the shop years ago. It is complete and turns over. Great find and we have a lot more.

This 1967 Triumph TR6C has a later front brake that worked better  

  Wards 260

Wards Riverside 260 enduro was made by Benelli for Wards, we have two, one has 352 miles, the other 3,544 miles.

We have many dirt bikes: MX, Enduro, Trials, Trail  

  Yamaha Enduro’s, we have them all 50cc to 500cc

The Honda CR125 Elsinore was a big hit when it came out. Honda was known for 4 strokes, but they did very well with the CR 2 stroke series at the racetracks.  

  We are pretty sure we have the engine for this 1967 BSA Hornet and other parts

Clean CB350

like new stored in a bedroom. Many folks’ first bike.


Be sure to check back often as we will be adding more information on the special bikes in Earl's collection as we approach the auction date.