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 = All items listed are no longer available through J Wood and company.
Auction Results
 Bob Barker Estate Auction Results

We would like to thank all of the folks who showed up for Bob Barker's Estate Auction. We had a great crowd of motorcycle people show up including a lot of Bob's old friends. I thought that the prices were great as we did well for Marrie Barker and the folks who bought the bikes got some very special, hard to find bikes - many of which Bob had saved for a long time.

Everyone had a good time and we did not get a single complaint from anyone. I would call it a special event and it was exactly what Bob wanted, I think that he was smiling with us.

Here are the results:

1966 Ducati MK III $8,5001
1966 Gilera 202 $2,750
1964 DMW Overlander $2,750
1928 Indian 101 37ci Scout $33,000
1959 Norton Manx $27,000
1958 AJS 7R $34,000
1956 Gilera Saturno Course $18,000
1947 Whizzer $3,300
1974 Husqvarna CR400 $1,500
Francis Barnett Autocycle $2,750
1965 Harley-Davidson CR250 Road racer $14,500
1950 BSA B33 $4,000
1965 NSU Super Max $4,100
1958 NSU Super Fox $1,6001989 Honda GB500 $5,500
1998 Royal Enfield Bullet $2,000
1974 MZ TS250 $900
1970 Benelli 200 $2,300
1960's Harley-Davidson S65 $700
1972 Bultaco Trials $1,300
1970 Bridgestone 350GTR $1,500
1951 Matchless G9 Project $1,100
1947 Velocette KSS project $4,000
1950 Gilera Saturno Sport project $10,000
C1967 Ducati 250 Road racer project $7,000
1982 Can AM Prototype 125MX $1,800
C1965 Parilla Grand Sport $9,100

The motorcycles were in various conditions, some stored for over 50 years, Photos can be found on our website. We have omitted many of the parts bikes and serous project bikes in this list because we do not feel those are relevant to the market.

Thanks again for your support,

Jerry Wood


CLICK HERE for more information 
There are some very Special Bikes in Bob's Collection
Click Here to go to our showcase of some of the best.



Auction in New Boston, Texas on October 29th and 30th



Razee's Cycles -10/4/15




It looks like we will be having another great auction coming up. Our good friend, Gordon Razee of Razee Cycles is closing a big warehouse (not the shop, that is doing great) and we have been contracted to sell all of the approximately 220 motorcycles on the list to the highest bidder.

 Read Complete Letter - CLICK HERE


We have been pulling some bikes out and getting ready for this awesome auction at Razee's Cycles. CLICK HERE for images of available motorcycles.
More bike pictures added on September 30th
CLICK HERE for a partial listing of available motorcycles Printable List CLICK HERE


Jerry Wood's Cyclemarket & Auction

Presented by

The 8th Annual Barber Vintage Festival
October 12 - 14
Birmingham, Alabama

See Results - CLICK HERE

Dee and I would like to thank everyone who participated at our newest event during the Barber Vintage Festival. In just over three weeks, the event turned from a Cyclemarket only approach to a Cyclemarket and Auction. We got a great boost from the living estate collection that turned out to be the contents of a Suzuki shop from the sixties. There were some great project bikes as well as parts, tools and memorabilia.

While we had a great crowd, it is still very apparent that most folks are being very careful with their money. We had about a 70% sell-through rate for all of the lots consigned. I did notice that even in the swap meet, many bikes had high price tags and a lot of them went unsold. Many sellers seem to be asking prices that are higher than known market prices. Buyers are looking for good deals or an opportunity to get that special motorcycle. The auction certainly got things moving and we were able to sell a good amount of motorcycles.

Special motorcycles did well as they always do, especially neat old motorcycles that need love as well as a few beauties. We will post the results for you below. Don't forget to sign up for our e-mail list so you will be sure to receive notices about what is going on. Daytona has not been decided just yet, please watch for our e-mail.

I do want to say that it was great to be a part of the Barber Vintage Festival again. They broke another attendance record and put on a great show. If you love vintage motorcycles and the people, you need to put the Barber event on your must do list.


Jerry and Dee Wood

This 1936 Indian Four barn find sold for $29,700 after sleeping for 48 years.

This 1948 Vincent Rapide Custom Barn Find sold for $30,800

This 1958 Matchless C12CS with 1,975 miles sold for $10,450

This Mint 1965 Triumph T120C sold for $17,600

This Mint 1967 Triumph TR6C sold for $17,600


We had a great turnout in Norwood and Groton, thanks for attending.

For Norwood motorcycle auction results click here.

We found this report published on Throttle Yard site. We had a lot of fun doing this and the vintage motorcycle hobby is alive and well. -  Jerry and Dee

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Harris Estate Auction Sale in Norwood and Groton MA June 25 and 26th 2011 CLICK HERE

Estate Auction Sale of Larry Moody BRITISH MOTORCYCLE COLLECTION, Raymond, Iowa May 7, 2011

Idaho Auction Results 11/5/2010 CLICK HERE

Bettencourt Collection
November 21st - Bridgewater, MA

RER Motor City
November 18th - Monroe, CT

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GILíS CYCLES - Click Here

Estate Auction Sale
To Settle the Estate of Jack Dash
Friday, August 7th at 10:00 am
For more information CLICK HERE

Public Auction Sale 
Thursday, June 25th
CLICK HERE for more Information
1114 Galloway Street, Columbia, Tennessee
RESULTS of this auction CLICK HERE

636 people signed up for a bidderís paddle at the J. Wood and Company Auction in Columbia Tennessee held on June 25th. With almost everyone bringing a friend, it was quite a crowd for a backcountry bike shop. The bidding was very strong for genuine old bikes. A 1934 Brough Superior in barn fresh, with the dust removed was the top seller at $46,000. While it is still difficult to get more than $3,000 for a post 1970 Sportster, a rusty barn fresh 1954 KH brought $8,000. A civilianized 42 WLA with a very nice patina sold for a lot more than a chopped up Panhead at $12,500. We had an abundance of Hondaís, some in rough shape and they all went to new homes. 

The people who attended were a great bunch, everyone paid their bill without any sniveling and no one took anything that did not belong to them. With the bottom line above our predictions, I would call it a great auction.

Jerry Wood

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