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Penguin Road Racing School

Estate Auction Sale
To Settle the Estate of Jack Dash
Friday, August 7
th at 10:00 am
At the Western NY Event Center, Main Street, Clarence, NY (Buffalo area)
For more information CLICK HERE

I just flew out to the Dash location and took a look at what the guys have been digging out of the buildings. We are up to almost 180 motorcycles now and I have to amend my first estimate of one trailer load of British Parts to about three 40 foot trailer loads. They found a great collection of Trackmasters and I have included a few photos.
There are a bunch of Triumph Twins, several Yamaha twins, a BSA and a rare Trident as well as a brand new looking Norton, all waiting to be completed as racers or street trackers.

I found big pallet boxes of parts that are by no means sorted. Take a look at the photo of one of them with the Cerani forks at the bottom.
The five crates full of gas tanks are not all of them, there are still many to be taken off the ceiling. There are some bikes that are ready to ride or close, but if you like to fix motorcycles up, you wont want to miss this auction. This 30 year collection is huge and everything will be sold to the highest bidder.
We are posting some additional photos that were not up before, you can still go to the slide show for more of the complete bikes.
Jerry Wood

Sportster race covers

New carb

New transmission (HD)

NOS HD CH pistons

HD parts

HD parts

Norton cylinders

Indian gas tanks

Shed bikes

Royal Enfield dirt tracker?


BSA Hornet


Rare Norton HI Rider

Norton P11 Scrambler

Triumph 250

Featherbed frame

BSA A65's

MotoGuzzi V7 Sport

Triumph Trackmasters

Triumph Trackmasters

BSA Trackmaster

Brit frames

Brit parts

Brit parts

Triumph Trackmaster

New Norton Trackmaster

Trident Trackmaster

Yamaha Trackmasters

Crate motors

we have more than this

Gas tanks


Still more

You get the idea

Rare Triumph TR5

Unit Triumphs

Commando Parts

There are still more tanks

Misc Triumph

Fastback and Hornet

See anything good in here?

T150, A10, A65