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  Call 978-939- 2309, FAX 978-939-5164 May - September

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J Wood Auction
October - April
8735 West Riverwood Dr
Crystal River, Fl 34428

Phone: 352-795-8895
or  352-586-0440
Fax:  352-795-9328
May - September
482 Hubbardston Rd.
Templeton MA 01468


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Absentee bids:

First, let me encourage you to attend the auction in person. We have been doing this for 32 years. This is a genuine estate auction without reserves. Each item will sell to the highest bidder. We go along at a good pace and it is FUN. You get to see what you are bidding on and we get to meet you. Boston's Logan airport is just 37 minutes away, they have rental cars and Norwood has hotels. Heck, you could also visit historic Boston and the freedom trail.

If you just can't make it, you can wire us a deposit of $2,000 and send us an e mail with your name, address, telephone number, what you want to buy and the maximum price that you want to bid. We will bid competitively for you up to your maximum. Please state that you agree to pay the balance promptly on Monday morning, June 27 if you win. We will send you a refund check promptly on Tuesday Morning, June 28 if you don't win.
We will store your vehicle for pick-up for up to 2 weeks without charge.

Here is the transfer information:
Bank: Key Bank, Belfast ME 207-338-3220
J. Wood and Company account 25-2801-0
AB routing # 011200608

Please re-consider attending in person. You would hate to miss your dream collector car or bike because you didn't go another $100.